Stand A Balloon offers such products as the stand a balloon, balloomit, car window adapter, coorigated sign and exterior balloons.

As a realtor in Houston, Texas, and working for a major Real Estate firm, Thomas Long found himself faced with a common problem during open houses. With a minimum of 8 - 10 directional signs, and 2 balloons atop each, in order to attract greater attention and traffic to his client’s home, Mr. Long found that within a short while the helium filled balloons were lying on the ground. In an effort to solve this problem, and present a more professional display, a prototype of a wire stand was engineered by Mr. Long. The desire was to eliminate the need for helium. Balloons would now stand perfectly erect throughout the open house. Thus, the invention of STAND A BALLOON.

The process of patent pending and manufacturing was soon underway. Within the first 8 months more than 25,000 of these exciting stands were sold as word began to spread.

Mr. Long discovered other uses for STAND A BALLOON. Soon 3 sizes were developed: SAB17 to support 11” to 17” balloons, SAB24 to support 17” to 24” balloons, and SAB36 to support 24” to 36” balloons.

The SAB17 was initially designed to be used on corrugated signs for realtors and general contractors, SAB24 used by car dealerships and apartment complexes, and SAB36 designed for pool parties and drawing greater attention for real estate open houses. However, many other uses for each are left only to the user’s imagination.

With the desire to use the STAND A BALLOON by car dealerships, an immediate need arose for a balloon stand holder. Teaming with Mr. Long’s engineer, and manufacturing team, a very unique STAND A BALLOON Car Window Adapter was designed. Several important goals were achieved with the development of this new adapter. This new adapter needed to support both the SAB17 and SAB24. The wire stands plus the adapter would require the ability to be easily assembled and disassemble. This would allow demonstration of cars without the fuss of what to do with attached balloons. Also, the arm of the adapter would require the capability for adjustment for each car window design, as most cars have unique window angles. There was also the desire for a quality molded injected product. The patent pending and manufacturing were soon underway. With great excitement this product has now been introduced to the public!

And now STAND A BALLOON is excited to announce its newest product known as the BALLOOMIT. With growing enjoyment for the use of balloons to attract attention, and create a party atmosphere, the BALLOOMIT allows the use of 8” – 11” balloons and gives the ability to form the look of a blooming flower. Easy to use, 5 balloons are attached around the outer ring with one balloon placed in the middle. The BALLOOMIT has a heavy duty suction cup attached and sticks to glass or other smooth surfaces. If used in an interior environment, this display can last up to four weeks before balloons begin deflating. With the greatest desire to provide the highest quality products for promotional purposes, STAND A BALLOON provides such products as heavy duty balloons for exterior use, commercial cool air inflators, and heavy duty corrugated sign holders. These products are all designed to give our clients the greatest advantage in exterior and interior advertising and promoting of their industry and/or products.

STAND A BALLOON invites you to continue watching this site as other unique ideas unfold.


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